Emergency Kits


how to make emergency survival kits

An emergency kit can contain essential items used in a particular occasion and for emergency purpose. Travelers normally bring an emergency kit that contains money, first-aid kit, flashlight and batteries, candles, waterproof matches, can opener, canned and packed food and potable water.

An emergency kit can also be prepared in homes by homeowners. It should contain the basic necessities, tools and equipment that can be used in times of an emergency or in a disaster. An emergency kit can be composed of a storage bag containing the basic necessities. It may also contain a first aid kit, essential equipment that can be used in disasters or during power outages, and communication devices. The size of the kit may vary depending on the number of items that may be stored.

An emergency kit is very important in times of disasters where people are confined to their homes for a few days or staying in an evacuation center. Individuals should prepare the emergency kit that can be used for a minimum of three days. It should also be stored safely and securely. An emergency kit is significant for the survival of a person, a group of persons or a family in times of disasters.

An emergency kit is similar to a survival kit. Perhaps, the two are interchangeable terms, although military personnel prefer to call the items packed and stored for emergency uses as survival kits. Meanwhile, campers use the term bug-out bags for emergency kits or survival kits. Homeowners may prefer to name the collection of items for emergency uses as emergency kit.

An emergency kit can be customized according to the needs of the users. It may include more than just the basic necessities. However, the things that can be stored should be essential and usable.

To be prepared in times of disasters is the right attitude to have. Preparing the emergency kit is one of the helpful ways to overcome the challenges in a survival situation. Aside from the emergency kit, individuals may also have to make an emergency plan.

An emergency plan can be created for an individual or for the family. It helps a person or a family know what to do ahead of time in case of an emergency. Creating an emergency plan doesn’t take long. The plan should include health information, contact persons and numbers, as well as emergency numbers. What is included in the plan may differ depending on the person creating it. The plan can be posted on the wall, in your cell phone or given to a loved one or even a neighbor.

Survival is one of the basic concerns of men and women alike. People have to survive different challenges in order to live. Taking a pro-active stance to have an emergency kit on hand can help anyone be prepared to survive and thrive in any kind of circumstance.