Emergency Generators


Emergency Generators

emergency generators

Stand By Generators

Stand by emergency generators in homes can give you electricity when the whole neighborhood or city is without power. They connect through the existing wiring in your home. The name “stand by” generator is appropriate, since it is constantly ready for a power outage. It detects any disruption of the flow of electricity through your home, and can become activated within minutes, or even seconds. Stand by generators are usually thousands of dollars. However, they can last a lifetime or at least offer a lifetime warranty.

Portable Generators

Portable generators can assist in being a valuable asset in a survival situation which occurs outside of the home. If you go camping or have a cabin without power, they come in handy for times when a stand by generator is not an option. If you have a cell phone for example, a generator can charge it for you so that you can make contact with civilization. Portable generators are usually several hundred dollars. They can provide peace of mind when you can not predict an unfortunate turn of events away from home.

There are many reasons to purchase a power generator. Here are a few reasons to consider.

  1. Power outage – You never know when the electricity will go out. In the event of a flood, tornado, hurricane, or general power outage, you can rely on your generator to provide power at home.
  2. Severe weather climates – If you live in an extremely cold or hot area, generators are a must. You don’t want to be without heat or a way to cook food if you live in areas where it freezes. In the same sense, you do not want to be without a way to cool down or store food properly if you live in an area where temperatures can reach the 100s.
  3. Elderly or sick – Do you have someone in your home with a medical condition? If there is electric equipment to keep someone comfortable or even alive, you need an emergency generator. It can mean the difference between life and death for the elderly or sick.
  4. Businesses – You may be at work when disaster strikes. Just having a generator at home is not enough. Encourage your work place to purchase a generator. It’s worth it, and you can feel safer at your work place.

Do you have a generator at home? You should. Tell us about a time your generator came in handy in the comments!



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