Doomsday Preppers Survival Course


The 2016 Presidential race has left many Americans jubilant. While at the same time some Americans are totally exasperated. The Right-wing conservatives are hopeful and excited about the possibility of change to the way they see our country has been declining for years. On the other hand, the Left-wing are fearful of the GOP establishment and being left without a voice.

Whether you voted for Trump or Clinton, the current Obama Administration still holds reign over our country for another 2 months. And, it could be perhaps the most interesting two months of our lifetime as some experts would have you believe.

This Bible Scholar, Nathan Shepard, with a background in theology and archaeology has spent over 17 years studying ancient scriptures and the words of the prophets which have become historical facts. Examples include: the Nazi gold in the Vatican bank, the Rwandan Genocide, and interestingly hiding America’s true place in history according to the Bible.

If you are a doomsday prepper, and even if you are not, but want to be prepared to survive any type of disaster, watch this independent documentary video in its entirety.

Nathan, and a team of researchers, have embarked upon a spine chilling and fascinating journey taking us through the events of the Bible prophecies and predicting a nefarious future for America.

As a result, he has become a survival expert and has trained and prepared for the worst disaster in human history.

Could this really be the end of times as we know it? You be the judge…

are we living in the end times


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