How To Cook Survival Style


How To Cook Survival Style

how to cook survival style

Getting food in disaster situations is imperative. Not only do you need food to survive, you will need it for warmth and to have the energy to complete various tasks. Depending on where you are, fish or small mammals will be the easiest form of protein and nutrition. These foods must be cooked, and must be cooked well. After using a survival knife to skin and clean game, it’s time to cook your food.

First,  you must wrap your food to save it from the flames and fire. Non-poisonous leaves work, just make sure you know where to find the leaves and which ones are not poisonous. If you carry foil with you, this is a luxury that will come in handy for meals. Once wrapped, you can make a primitive grill to place over a fire. Or, you can have a camping grill like this one ready. If you have pots and pans, consider yourself lucky! You can mix cooked meat with vegetables and stocks to make a hearty stew.

Extra Tips

If possible, carry a meat thermometer with your survival gear, because it can become disasterous to ingest meat when it is not cooked properly. Illness can’t be afforded while trying to survive and thrive. Go right now, and find a guide to the proper temperatures to cook different kinds of meats. Study it, learn it, and know it. Keep it as a reference, but it’s much more helpful to memorize this information.


When you cook survival style, you need to make sure that your utensils are kept clean and sterile. This way, food particles won’t attract bugs or animals. This also prevents bacteria and mold from forming. Learning how to cook survival style can be intimidating, but it’s easier with practice. You can practice when you go camping, or even in  your own back yard. One day, it may just save your life!



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