Build the Best Survival Kit


Build the Best Survival Kit

build the best survival kit

So, you know some great survival skills including making a fire, first aid kit essentials, and even surviving a zombie apocalypse. Skills are imperative and it takes practice to get everything right.

Besides skills, you need the equipment to get the job done. Surviving is obviously the most important objective for any situation under the sun.

Today we are going to build the best survival kit to keep at home. It has essential items and supplies you need, in case the unimaginable happens. Let’s review, shall we?

Food and Water

Food and water are essentials for every day life, so it’s no wonder that you need to include these in your survival kit. If water becomes undrinkable, you still need it. Use a filter like this one for emergency situations.

Emergency water supplies and food supplies are imperative to have. Stock up on both food and water and remember that you can never have too much water or food.

First Aid

Take your personal first aid kit, and quadruple it. This is something you need to have for when long term disaster strikes.


Knives are important to have at all times, and are one of the most diverse tools which double as a weapon. You also must keep weapons in stock as well as ammunition. Several hundred rounds for each gun you own is advisable. This comes in handy for hunting. Keep a few gun cleaning kits at home, and consider a bow as a secondary option.


A few sturdy 2×4’s have never felt so handy as when you’re keeping threats out. You can’t do much with them if you don’t have tools, though. What if your home is damaged, and it’s your only option for shelter for weeks on end? Power tools are great if you have power, however you need some good ole’ fashion tools, just in case. Keep a couple of sets handy at all times, in case one breaks. Multi-tools are a great tool to keep on you as well.


To stay in contact with the outside world, make sure you have an emergency radio. You will most likely need assistance at some point.



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