Build a Survival Bunker


build a survival bunker

A Survival Bunker can protect your family from all kinds of dangerous situations. If there is an enemy attack, a natural disaster, or some kind of invasion, you need to have a survival bunker. You must keep your family well protected and safe at all times. Safety is a priority in uncertain times, which we are certainly experiencing right now.

You can buy a survival bunker pre-made, or you can build your own. Out of the two options, building your own will save you a lot of money. While it may be a trade in terms of effort and time, you can build a survival bunker and save thousands of dollars in the process.

When building your bunker, consider the following requirements as must-haves:

  • It needs to be hidden and secretive.
  • Hostile threats can not be capable of entering.
  • It needs to fit your entire family comfortably.
  • You must have six months of food stored inside.
  • Ventilation is necessary.
  • It must have long term electricity capabilities.
  • Your bunker needs to be able to withstand bombs, earthquakes, or other natural disasters.

You can not simply start to build a survival bunker without plans. Luckily, John Hartman has comprised a plan for you including blueprints, tips, tricks, and material lists. John is a retired member of the US armed forces, and is also a certified disaster and survival expert. His Family Bunker Plans even include how to obtain the building permits required. Without acquiring the proper permits, you will have more headaches than imaginable during your project.

Having a Survival Bunker will give you peace of mind, and could one day save your life. Keep your family protected and prepared. Surviving disasters is possible, and we must be ready for anything thrown at us. Remain prepared, survive, and thrive!



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