Bug Out Test


Bug Out Test

bug out test

Bugging out has a few different variations on meaning. In survival terms, bugging out is when you find you are not in a safe location, or it is taken over by hostiles. Therefore, you leave your location with bug-out gear, and find somewhere off the grid to stay until hostilities end. You may have a travel trailer to take, a cabin, or even a bunker.

Usually when you bug out, there is little to no electricity, and you have to utilize what you have to survive. A good way to perform a bug out test is to hunker down and “bug in.” Have your family perform this test with you. Lay down some ground rules on how to perform the test with your family. For 24-48 hours, you have to utilize what is available to you inside your house and your back yard only in order to survive. Turn off the main water, cut the electricity, and rid yourselves of luxury products like cell phones.

During your bug out test, you have to prepare food, consume water, and keep morale high. All of this needs to be done while cutting off contact to the rest of civilization. Don’t talk to your neighbors or any passersby. If you truly bug out in the future, this isn’t an option.

Usually when disaster strikes, staying at home is truly the safest option for you. So, this test makes for great preparedness. Based on your bug out test, you can then adjust your food storage, survival gear, and First Aid supplies for the future.

Were you able to start a fire and cook food? Did you ration water supplies? Did morale remain steady, or did it drop rather quickly? These are all great things to learn from your bug out test!


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