Best Wood for Campfires


Best Wood for Campfires

best wood for campfires

If you’re building a fire for survival, chances are you don’t have many options for types of wood to use. However, if you know ahead of time you are going to build a campfire, use the best wood for campfires you can find. This is not limited to just one type of wood, but there are different types of wood that are a cut above the rest. Also, consider cooking. If you want to cook over your campfire, you want to use a good wood!

Hardwoods are very dense, and will therefore burn for longer periods of time. This makes them one of the best options available. However, some softwoods burn well also. Let’s go through a few of the options for the best wood for campfires.


Oak is very popular firewood, for both campfires and fireplaces alike. It’s dense, it burns slowly, and therefore lasts a very long time. Chances are this wood makes your fire last much longer than any other choice. It makes more heat and less smoke than other types of wood as well.


Maple is also a dense wood. It can be difficult to chop if you’re using logs. However, it’s another fantastic firewood that burns long and strong. The smoky scent from maple campfires has a sweet tinge to them.


Ash wood is one of the most common types of wood burning in campfires and fireplaces alike. It’s tough, yet still lightweight and slightly easier to chop than other woods. It burns hot, which is perfect for a Winter time campfire.

So, what’s the best wood for campfires? Any of the above will do the trick. Make sure to use an all natural fire starter for your campfires to reduce air pollution. If you’re cooking, you can put a grill right over your campfire. Never forget about campfire safety – prevent forest fires and injury!


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