What are the best Hiking Shoes?


When boots are too heavy and bulky for your hiking trips, hiking shoes come into play. But, what are the best hiking shoes? The best hiking shoes will be lightweight, durable, waterproof, and supportive. You do lose some ankle support when not opting for boots, so that is one factor to keep in mind.

In case you find yourself in an emergency situation, footwear is extremely important. If you have to track across mud or it is raining, you don’t want the water to get to your foot. Make sure to pair your hiking shoes with some waterproof socks for added protection.

Hiking shoes are an investment, and they are priced as such. The materials and quality of craftsmanship come into play, and you truly get what you pay for. Now, let’s get to the best hiking shoes available!

1. Merrell Moab Waterproof

what are the best hiking shoes

These shoes have a total weight of 2 pounds. They are sturdy, are water resistant, but are not 100% water proof. Make sure to add on a pair of your best water-proof socks if you will be near water!

2. North Face Ultra Trail Running Shoe

what are the best hiking shoes

This pair is one of our absolute favorites. The weight comes in at just under 2 pounds. These shoes are truly waterproof, making them great for hiking in areas that will have water or mud. They have great arch support, and fit snugly.

3. Adidas Outdoor Terrex Fast R Gore-Tex

what are the best hiking shoes

If you want to be able to get around, fast, this is the hiking shoe for you. It’s pricey at $185, but the quality and features are enough to make us swoon over this shoe! The weight is only about one pound and 11 oz, making it the lightest hiking shoe on our list. You can tie the laces in less than a second using the single pull system. The stability is great, and the arch support is perfect for hiking.

So, what are the best hiking shoes? Each of these pairs have their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. These three are our favorite, and all available online. Hiking can quickly turn into a disaster situation if you are not prepared. Make sure your shoes are as ready as you are!


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