How to Become Self Sufficient


How to Become Self Sufficient

how to become self sufficient

So, what exactly is self sufficient living? In essence, self sufficient living is being able to provide for yourself and your household without outside resources or assistance. This means financially, with food, water, and everything in between. There are many reasons people want to become more self sufficient. Political climate may not be the best in a given country. Environmentally, it’s very responsible to be self sufficient and have a low impact. Over time, it becomes a much cheaper way of life to not depend on money and outside resources. So, let’s learn the first steps in how to become self sufficient – at least more self sufficient.


One of the best ways to begin self sufficient living is to start a garden. You must do plenty of research before you start, however. You need to know which plants thrive during which times in your specific climate. Here is a fantastic book on how to start growing your crops.


Water is perhaps the most important resource you must have to survive and thrive. You need a way to collect it, and a way to filter it. One simple way to collect it is to harvest rain water with a collection barrel.   You need a high quality water filter, or a barrel and filter all in one such as this one.


A growing trend in the housing industry is actually perfect for becoming self sufficient. Tiny homes have a minimal impact on the environment. They are often moveable as well. You can use solar power on a tiny home, which is much easier than on a standard size home. It takes less energy to power a tiny home. There are many clever and creative ideas for building your own tiny home in this book.

So, to learn how to become self sufficient, you need to start somewhere. Read up, study, and begin with food, water, and housing.


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