Image Courtesy: US Coast Guard

Image Courtesy: US Coast Guard

Since 2010, Southern Zoomer has been the world’s premier brand for simple things that make life better, happier and healthier. When we embarked on creating that site, the mission was to create and market “tried and true” high quality natural products like essential and cold pressed oils.

Using simple remedies from nature to heal ourselves and save on the cost of healthcare and household items, we are proud to have served thousands of customers and still counting.

Expanding our horizons we have created Survival By Southern Zoomer.  The mission here is to provide simple survival tips and hacks for everyone.

Our inspiration arose out of the need to prepare to survive during Hurricane Matthew, a very powerful and deadly tropical cyclone that reached Category 5 status as it devastated the U.S. Eastern coastline.

Fortunately, our area in the low country of South Carolina escaped total destruction. However, we did experience flooding, toppled trees, power outages, and the lack of conveniences we take for granted everyday.

We had approximately 3 days to decide whether to go or to stay and protect our domain. In the end, we chose to go inland.

During those 3 days, we worked steadfast to prepare our home and business for survival and to prepare to survive traveling to our destination, as we already knew it would take us much longer in a disastrous climate.

Tensions were high. We were anxious not knowing when and if we would be able to return. People were scrambling for gas, which many pumps ran out. The grocery store shelves were bare and delivery trucks were suspending their routes to deliver necessities. Even public servants were warning once the storm hit they would suspend medical and rescue operations until it was deemed safe.

This got us to thinking…

How many people out there do not know how to survive a catastrophic event? Or, even have the equipment or gear, right kind of food, or shelter should they have to live without modern day conveniences or loose their homes? It turns out not many. We witnessed it!

Survival By Southern Zoomer was born

Although we have survival skills when it comes to camping and hiking in the wilderness, we had never been through a hurricane. So, we researched and educated ourselves and learned a lot more about preparing and surviving natural disasters. Like how to battened down the hatches, sorta of speak, and protect our assets. When to stay and when to go, the right type of food to always have on hand and much, much more.

Our goal with the Survival By Southern Zoomer site is to share our knowledge and other experts knowledge about what it takes to be prepared, to survive and to thrive in a world where disasters have become the norm.

Even if a disaster such as a hurricane or tornado is not eminent, or the threat of economic collapse, or a risk of military conflict with terrorist groups, having strong survival skills, knowing what foods to have in storage, as well as the best type of survival gear to carry should be an important mandate in anyone’s life.

We hope you’ll join us as we endeavor to educate on the principles of preparedness and a self-reliant lifestyle.