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If you are looking for simple survival tips and hacks, then I encourage you to explore our site.

Our world isn’t getting any safer. And, our country is getting worse.

Those are two very bold statements. However, I can’t imagine for a moment that many people would disagree, especially here in the United States.

We are being threatened with terrorist attacks and rioting, the likes we have never seen in most of our lifetimes.

Even, on a smaller scale, although as equally important, are “acts of God.” Hurricane’s, tornado’s, floods and other weather related events. These types of natural disasters can demolish our homes and force us to rebuild or abandoned them. Worse, we may be forced to find or build temporary shelter that may be very uncomfortable and not at all what we are accustomed to living in.

If your motto is “disasters like these don’t happen to my family”, then, my friend, you are sadly mistaken.

In 2016, as I’m writing this, there have been 15 total hurricanes. It has been one of the most active and costliest Atlantic hurricane seasons. Homes and businesses were wiped out. There were injuries sustained and some even lost their lives.

In 2016 there have been 907 tornadoes in the U.S.  We aren’t even through the year yet. Again, homes and businesses and lives were destroyed or altered likely for many years to come.

There are many more stats like this that could have impacted your family’s safety and even worse could have taken their life.

But what about other disasters that we can’t imagine? Like…

  • Fires…house fire, forest fires (California & North Georgia)
  • Food Shortages
  • Gas Shortages
  • Civil uprising because of hyperinflation. Believe me, when I see that National Debt Clock and it keeps getting larger, this scares me more and more everyday.
  • Government Coup
  • Oil Prices Rising
  • No Clean Water. Think about Flint Michigan.

All of these events are very probable scenarios.

With all due respect, please don’t keep your “head in the sand”, take a proactive stance and educate yourself. Get a survival plan in place, even if it’s just very basic, in the event your family happens to be exposed to some form of disaster.

If you are serious about your family’s safety and protecting them, then you will want to explore our site and take action to formulate your own plan.

Our goal is to educate and inform our visitors about what it takes to survive when your conditions and lifestyle are interrupted. When life gets turned upside down and everything is in chaos (Check out About Us). Things like:

  • Where do I get fresh water?
  • How much food do I really need to have on hand and what do I need to stock up on?
  • How long is food really good and what type to have on hand?
  • How do I protect my family?
  • How do I protect my home?
  • How much gas do I need for my vehicles?
  • Basic Survival Gear
  • Financial Preparedness

And, much more content about real preparedness that protects you and your family from being paralyzed should you encounter any type of disaster.

We’ll also explore camping, hiking, outdoor and wilderness survival. Whether you are preparing to take a family camping vacation or planning to trek up one of the highest mountains, or anywhere in between, our site will educate you on how to prepare, survive and thrive.

At Southern Zoomer, our mission has always been “simple things that make life better, happier and healthier.” We believe sharing simple survival tips and hacks that anyone can use in any type of survival circumstance is paramount to having in our family arsenal and yours too!